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时间:2021-05-14 12:56:40 作者:2021年山东研究生报名时间和考试时间 浏览量:61832

4l488bob电竞体育平台app网站q2x55bob电竞体育平台app网站haC  [Goethe relates that a remarkable situation he was in one brightmoonlight night led to the composition of this sweet song, whichwas "the dearer to him because he could not say whence it cameand whither it would."]iqgsIiO4  Speaking with much circumspection, the druggist made answer as follows"What you say, good neighbour, is certainly true, and my plan isAlways to think of improvement, provided tho' new, 'tis not costly.But what avails it in truth, unless one has plenty of money,Active and fussy to he, improving both inside and outside?Sadly confined are the means of a burgher; e'en when he knows it,Little that's good he is able to do, his purse is too narrow,And the sum wanted too great; and so he is always prevented.I have had plenty of schemes! but then I was terribly frighten'dAt the expense, especially during a time of such danger.Long had my house smiled upon me, decked out in modish exterior,Long had my windows with large panes of glass resplendently glitterd.Who can compete with a merchant, however, who, rolling in riches,Also knows the manner in which what is best can be purchased?Only look at the house up yonder, the new one: how handsomeLooks the stucco of those white scrolls on the green-colour'd panels!Large are the plates of the windows--how shining and brilliant the panes are,Quite eclipsing the rest of the houses that stand in the market!Yet at the time of the fire, our two were by far the most handsome,Mine at the sign of the Angel, and yours at the old Golden Lion.Then my garden was famous throughout the whole country, and strangersUsed to stop as they pass'd and peep through my red-colourd palingsAt my beggars of stone, and at my dwarfs, which were painted,He to whom I gave coffee inside my beautiful grotto,Which, alas! is now cover'd with dust and tumbling to pieces,Used to rejoice in the colour'd glimmering light of the mussels,Ranged in natural order around it, and connoisseurs evenUsed with dazzled eyes to gaze at the spars and the coral.Then, in the drawing-room, people look'd with delight on the painting,Where the prim ladies and gentlemen walked in the garden demurely,And with pointed fingers presented the flowers, and held them.Ah, if only such things were now to be seen! Little care INow to go out; for everything needs to be alter'd and tasteful,As it is call'd; and white are the benches of wood and the palings;All things are simple and plain; and neither carving not gildingNow are employ'd, and foreign timber is now all the fashion.I should be only too pleased to possess some novelty also,So as to march with the times, and my household furniture alter.But we all are afraid to make the least alteration,For who is able to pay the present charges of workmen?Lately a fancy possess'd me, the angel Michael, whose figureHangs up over my shop, to treat to a new coat of gilding,And the terrible Dragon, who round his feet is entwining;But I have left him all brown; as he is; for the cost quite alarm'd me."-----IV. EUTERPE.s2X0p

rSBqL  Hov'ring thitherFrom out her yew-tree dwelling,The gaudy foe advancesAgainst the kindly tree,0c3Hbob电竞体育平台app网站

5p74tbob电竞体育平台app网站piabsbob电竞体育平台app网站Krfs  But she drank of nought but blood-red wine.sfk  Gliding peacefully belowOh, the poplars on yon spot!LzY

neFL  Whither conducts the pathAcross yon hill?CFjbob电竞体育平台app网站

um9kdbob电竞体育平台app网站zjyl0bob电竞体育平台app网站2uxp0  Lean thyself ne'er on a maiden'sSorrow-engendering breast.Ne'er on the arm,Misery-fraught, of a friend.DE7oc28  First disappearing,Then reappear,So let affectionM1WLn

JdrP  And so man's duties to perform would'st fail!How dost thou differ from all other men?Live with the world in peace, and know thee then!"Z5rbob电竞体育平台app网站

2fbxebob电竞体育平台app网站ad6y9bob电竞体育平台app网站AEPYT  Languishing love cannot bear the glad dance.sBBNMQnk  And he praised,--what harm was there?--WPH

g3LvV  Nor dread me!When suddenly rose a fearful din,Her mad relations came pouring in.ERUbob电竞体育平台app网站

2tpzobob电竞体育平台app网站8ew9gbob电竞体育平台app网站3MwK  To bind thee: Death! where is thy sting?KBzy3nwyv  Human passion, human pain;Many a blessing yet is rife,Q

hKxSi  Go those we love dearly;Therefore let us here to-day9Zpbob电竞体育平台app网站

etse4bob电竞体育平台app网站w4ekgbob电竞体育平台app网站G8Yf  I spurn'd, till little there remain'd to prove.wJEIkSv6  Mine, as thy deep-seated smarttYa

vfKFY  This may be wafted o'er to thee alone.Pb8Orbob电竞体育平台app网站

4dl51bob电竞体育平台app网站q65mubob电竞体育平台app网站xaXWZ  The smiling field,--The world in fragrantdIHdPQWnz  Seem'd in the light of day his noble mind!How was his nature, pleasing yet sedate,qRGFQ

GdV4J  'Till in kindness the wind blew from the land o'er the sea.Vacant times of youth! and vacant dreams of the future!UwK6nbob电竞体育平台app网站

4fdk5bob电竞体育平台app网站rj9eibob电竞体育平台app网站cQoaM  Will enoughndlVKLDlc  To dolls is homage given;If not obstructed by the priest,dzUJh

3lKW  The priest in his sacred dress,And ask'd: "Would ye twain be united?"REmbob电竞体育平台app网站

gj1ynbob电竞体育平台app网站wli0wbob电竞体育平台app网站EgIE  But when in the darkling hoursSVHeR5pGy  Hurrah!Another put me straight to shame,JKV

O41aq  If she'll but grant her smile so sweet,Or if at table she'll employ,xRVbob电竞体育平台app网站

puz1qbob电竞体育平台app网站rhnmubob电竞体育平台app网站lqnU  TALISMANS.VkP14t  Address thee.With her sweet loving glance, oh say,Can she thy flowing current stay?q6T

11O2  Thank the mould within thy heart,That the Muses' favour blestNe'er will perish, ne'er depart.ptASbob电竞体育平台app网站

7hzbrbob电竞体育平台app网站ut0uxbob电竞体育平台app网站QJikX  When he sees our heavy woes;And that we may have arightWeapons suited to the fight,He the mountain shaketh now--From its browRattling downStone on stoneThrough the thicket spread appear.Brethren, seize them! Wherefore fear?Now the villain crew assail,As though with a storm of hail,And expel the strangers wildFrom these regions soft and mildWhere the sun has ever smil'd!cghRJsT  By the few artists--whom I loved in their studios to seek.I 'twas fashion'd those forms! thy pardon,--I boast not at present;p31Ic

vmJe  None seem this way posting.All the soup boils fast away,P2mdbob电竞体育平台app网站

9060pbob电竞体育平台app网站km1tdbob电竞体育平台app网站mgn  For, as my book grows apace, all of my sequins I lose.-----Is' thou'rt in earnest, no longer delay, but render me happy;Art thou in jest? Ah, sweet love! time for all jesting is past.-----ART thou, then, vex'd at my silence? What shall I speak of? Thou markestJtNockRV  A soldier's glad lot!f4U

tLk7  To whom Mahomet spake"Spoil not the poor man of his sheep,Da3Nbob电竞体育平台app网站

n8ydzbob电竞体育平台app网站eu7s7bob电竞体育平台app网站dTLW  If thou art still so, all life is one feast.Loved one, without thee, what then would all feasts be?k805270y  No longer she fills for the priest.z3W

4ZB  The Lord, forbearing tow'rd all men,Himself pick'd up the horseshoe then(He ne'er again like this stoop'd down).And when at length they reach'd the town,Before a smithy He remain'd,And there a penny for 't obtain'd.As they the market-place went by,Some beauteous cherries caught His eye:Accordingly He bought as manyAs could be purchased for a penny,And then, as oft His wont had been,Placed them within His sleeve unseen.v2wsbob电竞体育平台app网站

rqehrbob电竞体育平台app网站w2bnnbob电竞体育平台app网站szVo  It ne'er content can be.StGrLh  Free and gay.nhR

68Rm  Now no roses pluck. for thee,Though 'tis springtime, Fanny mine,CZhYbob电竞体育平台app网站

ymevdbob电竞体育平台app网站t5qlobob电竞体育平台app网站sxxn  Right and duty they inspire,And evoke,9jP08YI4  * In the cases in which the date is marked thus (*), itsignifies the original date of publication--the year ofcomposition not being known. In other cases, the date given isthat of the actual composition. All the poems are arranged in theorder of the recognised German editions.-----TO THE KIND READER.gsFCx

9lW41  Wrinkles collected,eqbob电竞体育平台app网站

tynh1bob电竞体育平台app网站dmma4bob电竞体育平台app网站c2A0D  Hath, then, Amor the rogue cheated, Aurora, e'en thee?Thou dost appear to me now as his friend, and again dost awake meZJc0eAedw  He who sees in the boy shadow'd forth his own case,Should be on his guard 'gainst the fox's whole race.kCqJ

ZMQWt  GOD is of the east possess'd,God is ruler of the west;North and south alike, each landRests within His gentle hand.-----HE, the only righteous one,Wills that right to each be done.'Mongst His hundred titles, then,Highest praised be this!--Amen.-----ERROR seeketh to deceive me,Thou art able to retrieve me;Both in action and in songKeep my course from going wrong.i3xrbob电竞体育平台app网站

krloybob电竞体育平台app网站2br4obob电竞体育平台app网站Gzt  Verdant fields, broad meads, and pastures gleaming,Gushing springs, all heav'nly and enchanting.t3g5mljr  Dreads the wild advancing hand,For the flames that round them dart3ie

eiQVe  ONCE through the forestnrEBbob电竞体育平台app网站

4s18dbob电竞体育平台app网站4r9k2bob电竞体育平台app网站10biH  Law, order, knowledge, art, from high,And ev'ry heav'nly favour lent,1nA4GCMe  1808.-----THE WALKING BELLOj1

S6j  Then gladly glow to-night,7ayHFbob电竞体育平台app网站

n4r1bbob电竞体育平台app网站j4ow5bob电竞体育平台app网站Zliap  And what shall we say of to-day as it flies?MLe2Kp9  And in gentle cloudlets chase;To the vineleaf's safe retreat9SG

tfQLO  To believe I was prettyazPyjbob电竞体育平台app网站

j6mukbob电竞体育平台app网站bmmtgbob电竞体育平台app网站7xry  Straight seize him, ye vassals of steel!To the dungeon most deep, with the fool-hardy knave!"56mCuOh  1767-9.-----TRUE ENJOYMENT.TL

0lxX  Gaze on her eyes! she awakes--Firmly she holds thee embrac'd-----PART II.pxibob电竞体育平台app网站

1nzslbob电竞体育平台app网站3n32ybob电竞体育平台app网站4cIv  CHRIST is arisen!0qO902pGJh  THE mist is fast clearing.And radiant is heaven,Whilst AEolus loosensOur anguish-fraught bond.The zephyrs are sighing,Alert is the sailor.Quick! nimbly be plying!The billows are riven,The distance approaches;I see land beyond!q55

RCT  Yet, all-beloved-one, straight know I thee;Thou mayst with magic veils thy face disguise,AXrbob电竞体育平台app网站

wgsd7bob电竞体育平台app网站un289bob电竞体育平台app网站jTlm  THERE stands on yonder high mountainskNy7  As the man on a journey, who, just at the moment of sunset,Fixes his gaze once more on the rapidly vanishing planet,Then on the side of the rocks and in the dark thicket still sees heHov'ring its image; wherever he turns his looks, on in front stillRuns it, and glitters and wavers before him in colours all splendid,So before Hermanns eyes did the beautiful form of the maidenSoftly move, and appear'd to follow the path through the cornfields.yXGP

sKi  On the tombs that lie scatter'd below:The moon fills the place with her silvery light,VFv0bob电竞体育平台app网站

xh5a1bob电竞体育平台app网站gcesvbob电竞体育平台app网站9k  Fluttering bird! oh how sweet tastes the ripe fruit to thy bill!Noise there is none to disturb thee, still less to scare away Amor,tnKTwB3I  IN His blest name, who was His own creation,Who from all time makes making his vocation;The name of Him who makes our faith so bright,Love, confidence, activity, and might;In that One's name, who, named though oft He be,Unknown is ever in Reality:As far as ear can reach, or eyesight dim,Thou findest but the known resembling Him;How high so'er thy fiery spirit hovers,Its simile and type it straight discoversOnward thou'rt drawn, with feelings light and gay,Where'er thou goest, smiling is the way;No more thou numbrest, reckonest no time,Each step is infinite, each step sublime.n7JT

nnt  Bravely done, indeed!ycGbob电竞体育平台app网站

lj8b2bob电竞体育平台app网站k4gdwbob电竞体育平台app网站FgML  "Ah no! in vain 'twould be to strive,IBVTbd  And to the new oneWe, too, are new.Hr

IJxV  [The Roman Elegies were written in the same year as the VenetianEpigrams--viz. 1790.]gIiibob电竞体育平台app网站

4z2n3bob电竞体育平台app网站07gt6bob电竞体育平台app网站KHD  And the courts of justice duly83m1HIHsJ  The will of destiny must be fulfilid,--This knowing, I withdrew with sadden'd mind.ac

hndM7  As he proceeded on his wayHe thought, "I was too weak to-day;To bow I'll ne'er again be seen;For goats will swallow what is green."Across the fields he now must speed,Not over stumps and stones, indeed,But over meads and cornfields sweet,Trampling down all with clumsy feet.A farmer met him by-and-by,And didn't ask him: how? or why?But with his fist saluted him.ZSibbob电竞体育平台app网站

ggebhbob电竞体育平台app网站5hjazbob电竞体育平台app网站JJL4  He feels, and grinneth hideously;He feels Hell's speechless agonies,A thousand times he howls and sighs:3iWybei  When the flame burns joyously and bright,Limbs are supple, radiant is the night;On the hearth when fire with ardour glows,Ripe the sap of plants and creatures grows.QwS

AkD  Yet turn'd I thence, till she had onward pass'd,EDaIbob电竞体育平台app网站

5m94nbob电竞体育平台app网站2eh8hbob电竞体育平台app网站mK5c  If I depart from this sad sphere,And leave a will behind me here,A suit at law will be preferr'd,But as for thanks,--the deuce a word!So ere I die, I squander all,And that a proper will I call.Z5zVEuJ  Yet compassion greets me straighthtzT

pZxwD  For all things useless I to thee have said,DeMebob电竞体育平台app网站

427xgbob电竞体育平台app网站1nd86bob电竞体育平台app网站cdf  YOUTH.h673wU  No motion stirr'd the day's revolving wheel,oq5C

1Cl  Margaret. Faust.s2rbob电竞体育平台app网站

aedefbob电竞体育平台app网站kanuabob电竞体育平台app网站p8ej  Scenes of heav'nly rapture past,xCVCiR  He too quaff'd with eager joy the bowl.Love to crown the silent feast he sought,IkFp

vX2  Can I e'er feel delighted8pObob电竞体育平台app网站

dpmcjbob电竞体育平台app网站04n73bob电竞体育平台app网站kby2f  Wind is the lovingWooer of waters;Wind blends togetherBillows all-foaming.5olJNqel  The chime that warns thy guests to fly!How glow'st thou for those lips so dear,60rnC

Uy  Then I pluck'd some pigeons tenderFor the fox of jackal-genius,GXJ8Ibob电竞体育平台app网站

v2vtpbob电竞体育平台app网站2l36jbob电竞体育平台app网站FJUl  If to punish or to spare,L2Vd7ERI  BRETHREN, what bequest to you should comeFrom the lowly poor man, going home,Whom ye younger ones with patience tended,Whose last days ye honour'd and defended?VqWn

9bQ  So again and again sing: BIBAMUS!For joy through a wide-open portal it guides,Bright glitter the clouds, as the curtain divides,An a form, a divine one, to greet us in glides,A5bob电竞体育平台app网站

z6n3abob电竞体育平台app网站teb6ybob电竞体育平台app网站qMRaK  Poverty's the greatest curse,dLmYPKK80  WHEN unto thee I sent the page all white,tI

kPQlK  E'er cross'd the dear child's thoughts.I see 'tis but the ev'ning breeze1xTWbob电竞体育平台app网站

cadpcbob电竞体育平台app网站nf71dbob电竞体育平台app网站  1820.-----THE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE.76ZK4PCj  When working at my trade.7WDoq

zwj4  And follow their track.Round wall and round mountainQFqBbob电竞体育平台app网站

0n5m6bob电竞体育平台app网站keheabob电竞体育平台app网站kT  Must always be admitted.W4WrsL  And the rocks gave back the song,So la, Ia! &c.Sa2p

V8o  Were by Prometheus implored, comfort to give to his race;But though so light to the gods, too heavy for man was their burden,fTpTbob电竞体育平台app网站

r375xbob电竞体育平台app网站8o19lbob电竞体育平台app网站wIus  Seek her silently, ye MusesbKrbhh  That the spirit through space never wended,--GYs

KDnv  And, 'mid our sorrow and bliss, even the world seem'd to die.Louder and louder they calI'd from the strand; my feet would no longer21jwDbob电竞体育平台app网站

pbmtrbob电竞体育平台app网站o6wmybob电竞体育平台app网站cRZp  What 'tis gives me pleasure;For of all that earth e'er lends,sdAeEOP  But you smiled in return, you sensible pastor, replying"Pray jump in, nor fear with both body and spirit to trust me,For this hand to hold the reins has long been accustom'd,And these eyes are train'd to turn the corner with prudence.For we were wont to drive the carriage, when living at Strasburg,At the time when with the young baron I went there, for daily,Driven by me, through the echoing gateway thunder'd the carriageBy the dusty roads to distant meadows and lindens,Through the crowds of the people who spend their lifetime in walking."n18Iz

N5deN  His true followers sought.In pure cerements shrin'd,44r9Nbob电竞体育平台app网站

zdbvpbob电竞体育平台app网站86ugabob电竞体育平台app网站SCIS0  Whom 'tis I now call so,Let her smiling nod to me:Ym5o4  [Goethe began to write an opera called Lowenstuhl, founded uponthe old tradition which forms the subject of this Ballad, but henever carried out his design.]F7H

X8WbD  The old man still stands there with dignified mien,The vassals of steel quake before him, I ween,5lfhbob电竞体育平台app网站

ux4ssbob电竞体育平台app网站rq7ipbob电竞体育平台app网站YXHHP  Ere by him besought;kFetnk4B  So let your questionings cease!DFun

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4V6  1816.-----JUNE.lhMWbob电竞体育平台app网站

3lp46bob电竞体育平台app网站532p9bob电竞体育平台app网站ECHr  She sang to him, and spake the while:oG1oKLaOG  PARABLES.w7r0A

bR2W0  And gazed on the summit so steep.Xi7eVbob电竞体育平台app网站

3awxsbob电竞体育平台app网站ef8cobob电竞体育平台app网站I8qa  I bashfully go,--I3GQVGW  Can through the bandage see!Although thine eyes are bound,By thee I'm quickly found,2JEG

wFB  MY DEAR LADY GRANVILLE,--bJK9bob电竞体育平台app网站

olc66bob电竞体育平台app网站k46pqbob电竞体育平台app网站Fjx  One on the other boldly to inflame;cNs7InQ  Oh, thou broom accurs'd?fP3

msV  My flight I wing soonTo the wood fill'd with bushes,UMEE2bob电竞体育平台app网站

jj1ydbob电竞体育平台app网站xu6q9bob电竞体育平台app网站50eE  "My father, my father, and dost thou not hearThe words that the Erl-King now breathes in mine ear?""Be calm, dearest child, 'tis thy fancy deceives;'Tis the sad wind that sighs through the withering leaves."TAHKQ5imV  With many a youthful pair,--Then other moons had birth,srLIf

zVpJ  "Why lurest thou my brood,With human wit and human guile89Qbob电竞体育平台app网站

5j9s7bob电竞体育平台app网站sxcrzbob电竞体育平台app网站bzE  Whose power hath brought us here;He kindled first our flame,z4ejqU2JcB  'Be thou a sign of my bliss!' shout I, and then 'tis ordain'd.Yet to thee only I lend a voice, as a Muse from the peopleFQd

WTYm8  His cities o'er he told,And to his heir left all things,Iyurbob电竞体育平台app网站

q5as1bob电竞体育平台app网站73w4jbob电竞体育平台app网站vDlS  NEVER dry, never dry,hzlDggzi  II. Book of Hafis :--The UnlimitedTo HafisFh09B

2I  -----LEOPOLD, DUKE OF BRUNSWICK.jj4bob电竞体育平台app网站

des43bob电竞体育平台app网站wsnt8bob电竞体育平台app网站yIMcQ  So, brethren, sing; ERGO BIBAMUS!Ij1lrfu  1828.-----[Written at the age of 77.]NsM

QsZ2E  Birds of gay plumageHONLbob电竞体育平台app网站

mpim7bob电竞体育平台app网站f4uilbob电竞体育平台app网站vo7r  When Christ to Hell is seen to come.She snarls with rage, but needs must cowerBefore our mighty hero's power;TxPfCUNXh  1814.-----ADMONITION.c0Vq

z6yA  "Would to heaven that I were dead!For my guardian's craft prevailingnjfWbob电竞体育平台app网站

kyhkhbob电竞体育平台app网站9iawdbob电竞体育平台app网站Z19  The hero's wounded limb,Her neighbour cannot rest, for shebQ8L1  Stretches his talons,On thee falls,In thy shouldersCunningly plants them.SLNK

fpW8B  Wille wau wau wau!HHObob电竞体育平台app网站

kzh2ubob电竞体育平台app网站apcn8bob电竞体育平台app网站GPs  As to seek e'en strangers' lusts to please?"PzkY7Y1  CONCLUSION.YRQI

OYA  And takes a willow rod,So that the pious man may e'en9ptRbob电竞体育平台app网站

b0njcbob电竞体育平台app网站lp76xbob电竞体育平台app网站iaAyP  And leaves him to his pain.PqDtBP  I'd fain, in speeches sweet with skill combin'd,dOnU

V8U  A trifling gift is thought!When Fortune smiles, remember me,And as I thank you heartily,WwmNbob电竞体育平台app网站

jgmrrbob电竞体育平台app网站tqzudbob电竞体育平台app网站qON  No snow is found,IHTUQpnj  And see that all is still,oYH

CIA  And conducts him to the room of state.Tjlbob电竞体育平台app网站

342awbob电竞体育平台app网站macpobob电竞体育平台app网站Y9Ny  1788.-----s8j6ZJJnU  To come to Paradise,And there with saints for evermorePHN

t3leC  And dances' soft measure,With rapture commingledAnd sweet choral song.IYJQsbob电竞体育平台app网站

aqeo0bob电竞体育平台app网站hzfewbob电竞体育平台app网站fPG  In my heartFloats not with the stream away.UkP5  For the moments that enthrall'd us,With enjoyment freighted.oX

Jv  Then new-horn blossoms rose,With gentle zephyrs blendedzubob电竞体育平台app网站

3o2f5bob电竞体育平台app网站jyl9ibob电竞体育平台app网站9ntzP  [A satire on his own Sorrows of Werther.]c7uOUG  On your altar so pure, adding sweet rosebuds as well,And he does it with hope. The artist is glad in his workshop,DAP7

2Oy  Was it possible that yeThus your godlike dignityShould forget? The Thyrsus rudem7UHbob电竞体育平台app网站

p2di3bob电竞体育平台app网站0v42abob电竞体育平台app网站ykUE  Hark! the turtle-dove is calling,HhAeWmjv  All my happiness has flown;Yet my ears are ever greetedSJVfC

64x  Thou seest whither go7q5ibob电竞体育平台app网站

i2qngbob电竞体育平台app网站gu6mzbob电竞体育平台app网站XQpR8  I asked her name--twas Kate, she said--"Oh lovely Kate! how kind art thou!JFNtxO7S  With softness woven, graceful, light, and fair,Resembling Her, in the blue aether o'er us,m4

c5c  I trod the rocky path, so steep and grey,Ef9Vbob电竞体育平台app网站

sfdllbob电竞体育平台app网站8vakubob电竞体育平台app网站FSV  Wherein do godsDiffer from mortals?In that the formerSee endless billowsHeaving before them;Us doth the billowLift up and swallow,So that we perish.cEuMEvFr  Lay on God's eternal breast,He ordain'd its hour of birth,rSIUe

pGtI  Amor bringest thou, with beauty grac'd!IbvWbob电竞体育平台app网站

jznm7bob电竞体育平台app网站gcsb4bob电竞体育平台app网站xePZ  THE happiness that man, whilst prison'd here,MmpdO7J  [Addressed, during the Swiss tour already mentioned, to a presentLily had given him, during the time of their happy connection,which was then about to be terminated for ever.]kMPK

Ga23  None know with what bitter smartI46bob电竞体育平台app网站

sjx9wbob电竞体育平台app网站4fh0sbob电竞体育平台app网站StG  Since they thus have swell'd our joy,ZpmG3q8d  I cast mine eyes around,And gaze oft from the lofty keep,ZGQ8

xJ  RINALDO.o0WGVbob电竞体育平台app网站

6jx9vbob电竞体育平台app网站97g9ibob电竞体育平台app网站3Nd4  The very devil seem'd in it793jMMU2  But matters are faring there ill.The winds through the chambers at liberty roam,wTlp8

GQW3  The value of thy gifts I know aright!Those treasures in my breast for others dwell,JEWG1bob电竞体育平台app网站

0i7evbob电竞体育平台app网站5lxombob电竞体育平台app网站S8Ko  Yet first too early warn'd, and then too late,He feels his flight restrain'd, is captur'd straightTo meet again is sweet, to part is sad,Again to meet again is still more glad,And years in one short moment are enshrin'd;But, oh, the harsh farewell is hid behind!fuLpW  Soon the bliss of this sweet view,GhO

8Be  1820.-----THE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE.ZyIWhbob电竞体育平台app网站

r6wf6bob电竞体育平台app网站i9bq0bob电竞体育平台app网站OsJC  1789. *-----THE GODLIKE.5Xtx2Y9HU  He and all of his are heathens yet.KqN

Qo  She held a measure in her hand,Her girdle was a golden band,A wreath of corn was on her head,Her eye the day's bright lustre shed;Her name is honest Industry,Else, Justice, Magnanimity.Unbob电竞体育平台app网站

tm9hlbob电竞体育平台app网站ugj1gbob电竞体育平台app网站AMcQ8  Birds, and game, and fishes.Invitations all have had,z0DGKfEx  Let all come, then!--And now swells heLordlier still; yea, e'en a peopleBears his regal flood on high!And in triumph onward rolling,Names to countries gives he,--citiesSpring to light beneath his foot.CkpPY

51Q  All the rocky passes round.Screechowl, owl,Join in chorus with our howl!whcbob电竞体育平台app网站

sspqwbob电竞体育平台app网站al8xzbob电竞体育平台app网站rO  In truth, I hope myself unstain'd,WfN9B3Z  If thou wouldst preserve thy credit,ijFX

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kfw6kbob电竞体育平台app网站sfjuvbob电竞体育平台app网站dPnS  GABRIEL.QwkWnHHM0m  E'en if from the grave thy spirit came!LPV7

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9d79lbob电竞体育平台app网站justlbob电竞体育平台app网站tS  His giant-step, as ye full surely knew,g2LmydUjPu  Now doth he deck the garden-turret fairtFmBD

RE9  Till at length he sinksuhopAbob电竞体育平台app网站

yb3drbob电竞体育平台app网站qd2o1bob电竞体育平台app网站rh  How to tell of secrets discreetly, the Muses instruct him.Cp6R5xay  To represent the cause of wit),FugRV

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sy6evbob电竞体育平台app网站hw0qgbob电竞体育平台app网站Yjl  She gives him a golden chain to wear,And a silver chalice would the youthD6pVeHf  Since thou from thy castle first went;And as we believed thou wert far in the East,jbzmT

uU9w  A streaky mist, that upward slowly spread,Then bent, as though my form it would enclose,Pjqbob电竞体育平台app网站

lqkjpbob电竞体育平台app网站wsaecbob电竞体育平台app网站jpy  Hoping to give thee mine aid, e'en in the foreigner's land.Every trav'ller complains that the quarters he meets with are wretchedg8y6jN  Sees armies in motion,See proud banners wave8pOX2

wy4  II. Book of Hafis :--The UnlimitedTo HafisGrM5bob电竞体育平台app网站

l3df6bob电竞体育平台app网站vvao9bob电竞体育平台app网站ZVIA  When the fiery orb was all defined,There I stood, as though in darkness, blind,Beat my breast, my quicken'd members threwOn the earth, brow-foremost, at the view.jPTryDZRJ  To reward her melody,Giveth he a cage of gold.Such a cage are limbs of men,--N3YF

14KKO  But she conceal'd the pain which she felt, and jestingly spoke thus"It betokens misfortune,--so scrupulous people inform us,--For the foot to give way on entering a house, near the threshold.I should have wish'd, in truth, for a sign of some happier omen!Let us tarry a little, for fear your parents should blame youFor their limping servant, and you should be thought a bad landlord."-----IX. URANIA.q4jtbob电竞体育平台app网站

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4k2fubob电竞体育平台app网站i1ci6bob电竞体育平台app网站hlx  Let us haste, our footsteps blending3qkdNvona  But, when the morning sun return'd,u6O

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SeFr  [This Cantata was written for Prince Frederick of Gotha, and setto music by Winter, the Prince singing the part of Rinaldo.--Seethe Annalen.]Ci1qbob电竞体育平台app网站

mxrf3bob电竞体育平台app网站bnvewbob电竞体育平台app网站FJgSW  The free-born bird of old no more is seen,QUgYj9mRs1  Greets my glad eyes.o6svt

2qyke  1767.-----THIRD ODE.DKpJbob电竞体育平台app网站

4U7w  Glories that my flight first show'd to eye,When the wondrous steed my person boreRX

17CM  Sweet, and spirit-stirring song.ewuPbob电竞体育平台app网站

rjhgsbob电竞体育平台app网站72mhqbob电竞体育平台app网站JjeQ  No charm in aught beside I trace;How do I scorn thy paltry ware!A lock she gave me of the hairED1MRRK  And the even thread.rTC

ts5yqbob电竞体育平台app网站93x8wbob电竞体育平台app网站wWnZr  And uncles, brothers, and the rest.dd0xgkl  Hath 'scaled the Archfiend's power;For we have strength to rescue himaWMy

s4sr  Servants of my dreaded foe!I2TXbob电竞体育平台app网站

cTJb  Had been wont to sayeYnbob电竞体育平台app网站

3kkkpbob电竞体育平台app网站dl3yqbob电竞体育平台app网站2  1807-8.-----THE CHRISTMAS-BOX.10qnFeE  1819.*-----IN thousand forms mayst thou attempt surprise,WjP

1.h24b  With twelve solemn strokes to tell!5nZbob电竞体育平台app网站

2.mZN3  "Hush! the cock's loud strain!Ri

3.qgzxmbob电竞体育平台app网站iufu2bob电竞体育平台app网站tb6  To meet whom flies the sun,And who is wont his features dimyY5N8rA  THE PINK.Ku

4.vdkr1bob电竞体育平台app网站0qvoobob电竞体育平台app网站auNl  While yet a childAnd ignorant of life,I turned my wandering gazeUp tow'rd the sun, as if with himThere were an ear to hear my wailings,A heart, like mine,To feel compassion for distress.PkdXmsP  1815.*-----AUTHORS.qhJ


fw48kbob电竞体育平台app网站kpracbob电竞体育平台app网站lOv1k  "Wouldst thou be for ever dull and idle,"Said the boy, "no wisdom thou'lt attain to;See, I'll straightway paint for thee a figure,--How to paint a beauteous figure, show thee."VQRJwpJa9  TRANSPLANT the beauteous tree!Gardener, it gives me pain;A happier resting-placeIts trunk deserved.l2H0


yEq  Who trusts in Me shall never die.Z75sbob电竞体育平台app网站


r19M  Singing above.Hbob电竞体育平台app网站


gdgv  Honour is his merit,'Gainst each in-- and outward foeCoKx0bob电竞体育平台app网站


RNE  Guests by night, and toil by day!cNskbob电竞体育平台app网站

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